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In time of crucial crisis where we think our jobs are secured, let's look at the unemployment rates

As the data analysis of CIME tells us,the UNEMPLOYMENT rate of india as of 21st May 2020, is a total of 24.1%.

If we go into further categorisation, urban places contribute to the unemployment rate a figure of 25.9%. where as rural areas round up to a 23.3% on an average.

LinkedIn Study

There are 3 main skills that employers look for. If we look at the figures, it is evident that just 8% of hard/technical skills is what matters. However more than 60% contribute to that soft skills - when it comes to the determining factor of selection.

The problem lies not only in the selection process but also non fitting job profiles with lack of social intelligence overwhelming the talent pool.

We at BESHGO- bureau of social intelligence believe that change starts from within, and we formulated methods to asses your skills with the latest technologies of ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE (AI) which takes neuroaesthetics as the key for ASSESSMENT.

The Story Of Transformation

Enhance Your Life With BeshGo !


As they say, "Hard skills will get you to doors, but soft skills will open those doors for you"
We at Beshgo are here to cater not only to individual aspirants but to address the problems from its core.


  ● Around 90% graduates are not readily employable in India.
  ● Graduates with higher percentages are often the ones with no or little knowledge of crucial things such as soft skills.
  ● Around 92% of the employers look for soft skills traits along with hard skills, in an individual.

BeshGo Solutions:

  ● Structured soft skills assessment specially designed for Colleges and Universities.
  ● Easy to follow istructions, with mobility features.
  ● Intuitive Social Intelligence reports to make assesse 100% ready for interviews.
  ● Completion Certificate endorsed by leading organizations across the globe.
  ● Career growth guidance by industry experts, accessible anytime, anywhere, on BeshGo platform.

Our Day Isn't Over, Until We've Made Yours.

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We respect your freedom and privacy so we formulated personalized mentorship in which you will go through deep analysis of insights and deep learning process for the betterment of your ways and the betterment of your firm intuitively.

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